Hand Crafted Oak Coffin

  • $1,400.00

These handsome and sturdy coffins, constructed in cruciform shape, representing the life-giving Cross of Christ, with eight sides, representing the Eighth Day, or the Age to Come, of the general Resurrection, are hand crafted from solid red oak and red oak plywood, upholstered with beautiful off-white damask fabric with a coordinating pillow, set on a plush foam pad. The handles are made from solid three-quarter inch oak boards to offer support and a living touch for the pall-bearers. The lid has an overlaid birch three-bar cross and
 is fully removable, allowing for a truly "open coffin" funeral. Brass washers and screws are included for fastening the lid to the coffin. The
 coffin is finished with a rich walnut oil stain with a wax

Coffin Exterior Dimensions: 77" x 30" x 18"

Coffin Interior Dimensions: 74" x 25" x 16"

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